Barber Razor Thinning Scissors

Barber Razor Scissors (PBP-11-3011)

A unique & exciting addition to your professional styling tools designed for fast and precise blending/texturing of all sorts. Professional Thinning Scissors featuring superior workmanship and teeth variations that give you an edge. Try exceptionally engineered thinning shears to create a soft cut with rows of well-structured teeth. These instruments are hand-honed and hollow-ground for precision, strength and longevity. They shine with high quality sterling & it is amazingly lightweight shear with the beveled blade and offset handles. Hair thinning shears shouldn’t push or pull while lightening weight. Micro-serrated blade helps prevent push with super steel dependability and removable, sizing insert flexibility. You can taper and blend beautifully with its brilliantly polished teeth. Our shear philosophy is simple: provide performance manufacturing at the perfect price. We offer unrivaled durability and sharpness of blades that integrated cutting edge for maximum sharpness, long cutting performance & perfect slice cutting.